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Boost Your Immune System at Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa in Italy

Whilst we all try to stick to a healthier diet and spend more time outdoors during the summer, it’s harder to keep up with the wellness lifestyle during the colder period of the year. This means an increase in cortisol levels (stress hormone) which leads to a decrease in the body’s ability of immune defence. This is normally why we get easily sick during the winter season.

Ti Sana Immune System Booster package is designed to help you reduce stress level within the body and increase its capacity to respond to stress effectively.

It will provide you with the concentrated amount of minerals and vitamins vital to your immune system.

On arrival to Ti Sana we will invite you to do bio physical tests (Bioimpedence and Tomeex tests). These will evaluate your current state of health and will allow us to create a tailored therapeutic plan for you.

Body massages, treatments, relaxing yoga classes will be included in your package. These activities will lower your stress levels and strengthen the immune system. The colonics (Angel of water) combined with the intake of probiotics will reduce the intestinal inflammation (i.e. stress) and “negative” intestinal microflora (such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans etc) gets replaced by “positive” ones, stimulating the immune system. A better functioning intestine means better absorption of nutrients and higher energy production (again, great for the immune system) and results in higher body defence level.

The vitamin C IVs injections will supply your body with the quantity of vitamin that you could not possibly absorb with food or special supplements. The vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant which protects free fat mass (mainly muscles), the amino acids, the vitamins and mineral salts (iron among the others). The vitamin C intake has no contraindications and reinforces the immune system (by activating white blood cells), reduces the oxidative stress (and thus, the  risk of chronic diseases) and allergies effects. Moreover, it helps the synthesis of collagen.

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