About Ariadna

I started my PR career at the age of 18. Over the years I have worked for some of the top international PR agencies across a range of sectors and gained invaluable experience working with leading global brands.

10 years into my career path I felt the need for change. Wellbeing has always been my passion and an inherent part of my life; it also runs in the family. I’ve decided to combine my skills in PR with my passion towards all things wellness and started a specialist PR Consultancy, at the time when it was still a very niche proposition. The focus of the Consultancy has grown over the years to include wellness travel, holistic beauty, healthy eating, fitness apparel, holistic experts and more. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and a great amount of invaluable contacts in the field.

There is an ancient Greek myth about Ariadne’s thread, a symbol for solving a problem by multiple means. And that’s exactly what I do in my Consultancy; I look at clients’ goals and try to find the best combination of marketing and PR solutions to achieve those goals (and if the client isn’t crystal clear about their goals, I help them identify those together).

I also feel that I’m naturally good at bringing people together who would benefit from the connection; I am passionate about finding the right partners for my clients, be it a journalist wishing to review client’s business, a wellness influencer interested in collaboration or a wellness travel agency who would be able to sell my client’s wellness travel offer. Often these connections blossom into long-term partnerships that become very beneficial to my clients.

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