Dominique Antiglio, BeSophro

– What is happiness to you? 

Happiness for me is when I feel my heart smiling. It’s acknowledging the life-affirming relationships, opportunities, sensations and thoughts in the moment. It’s also feeling that the life I live is aligned with my true call, values and purpose.

– How did you come to your level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

It all started at 15 years old as I was going through a challenging time with my physical and emotional health. I realised that through my symptoms, my body was trying to tell me that I had to look inside more, giving more space to my inner world and start to learn tools and strategies to deal with my difficulties at the time. That’s how I discovered Sophrology, a practice for mental wellbeing blending Eastern philosophies and practices with Western science to help us feel more connected and find happiness in daily life. It wasn’t an easy journey to how I am feeling today, where I feel so much more empowered and free from “stuff”. Committing to feeling good and being curious about myself have been the key resources to create a happy life. 

– What do you do to keep up the good spirits in everyday life?

I try not loosing sight of what I need to feel balanced including physically, emotionally, mentally and base a lot of daily small decision for myself and my family around what makes us feel good and what truly matters, learning to say no to the things that after all aren’t so important to us. And I practice Sophrology especially when I feel I am loosing my centre.

– How can Sophrology help one be truly happy?

Sophrology is a practice blending relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation that can be practiced anytime, anywhere and help us to stay connected to ourselves and the world around us in a positive way. 10-15 minutes a day over time will naturally forge an inner path to new resources like resilience, gratitude, strength, calm, focus, joy, confidence which all play a part in being able to create the life you want and be who you truly are.

Please share your happy thought, or happy secret.

Walking in the streets of Jaipur at sunrise and soaking into the energy of the moment!