Carrot, Banana Peach goes bananas!

Having banana porridge for breakfast? Get those healthy yellow things into your wardrobe! Enjoy the immense benefits of stretchy and durable banana fabrics in your active wear with the new Carrot, Banana & Peach AW 2012 collection.

Strong and stretchy banana fabric, made in only a few places in Southeast Asia, has high water retention properties and a rich lustre surface; it’s breathable, crease-resistant, durable and machine-washable.

The new collection features three ranges that cater to Carrot, Banana & Peach fans’ yoga-inspired lifestyle needs:

Yoga Classics comprises the basic styles needed to perform all types of yoga.

Yoga+ offers added usage beyond yoga and meets pilates, dance and other fitness needs.

Retreat is a range of comfortable loungewear – must-haves for a yoga retreat or spa break.

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