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Another Way to Reach Inner Peace


I always enjoy using the products with the story behind them, the story that I personally admire. Brands that have a strong ethos which translates into absolutely everything they do.

One of such companies for me is Ila, a beautiful British brand dedicated to holistic health & beauty.

The story usually starts with the person behind it. In Ila’s case, the woman who had created the brand, Denise Leicester, is one of those people that resonate inner beauty, tranquillity, harmony and love, and you can top up on those qualities within yourself just by being around her.

Denise puts all her passion into her work creating what can arguably be one of the best organic skincare products.

I had a pleasure of visiting Ila’s offices and production in the beautiful countryside in Cotswolds some time ago. The staff has the benefit of enjoying amazing natural views from their windows, all around them – I really felt jealous! The production rooms were like a magician’s sanctuary to me: this peaceful place is filled with incredible aromas and the gentle sound of eastern chanting which is always on whilst the products are being blended by hand in small, fresh batches using simple techniques. I was even honoured to see the “Pandora box” – a special secure cupboard where all the pure concentrated, gold-like essential oils are kept, brought from different corners of the world; only few drops are needed to create batches of beautiful blends. Pure magic, filled with love of those who make it.

I remember when I used one of Ila oils for the first time; I opened the bottle in the bathroom in my en-suite, put the oil on my skin, then left the room. When I came back in, I was struck by a delightful smell which filled the room – the aromas were strong and purely incredible.

I have recently started using Ila Body Oil for Inner Peace and can’t get enough of the depth, richness and purity of its aromas.

Packed with essential oils renowned for their dual nurturing and nourishing properties, this soothing blend balances dry, oily and irritated skin, while enhancing emotional wellbeing. Sandalwood is known to calm inflamed cells and stimulates wellness hormones; jasmine sedates stressed-out skin and struggling spirits; ylang ylang regulates sebum secretion and reduces nervous anxiety. Combined in a non-greasy and anti-inflammatory argan and rosehip seed oil base they stabilise and soothe, restoring clarity and peace to body and mind.

The essential oils work together to restore clarity and balance to skin and spirits while the rich floral aroma helps to calm the soul and alleviate nervous tension.

The most dominant in this blend for me is the smell of jasmine, and when I inhale it putting it on my skin after the shower, I am immediately taken in my imagination to some exotic Thai or Indonesian beaches; it suddenly feels warm, sunny and joyful. The pacifying effect of the oil is undeniable and I’m enjoying every single drop of it.

The only thing I wish it had was a diffuser rather than an open neck bottle as every time I’m using it, I’m afraid to drop some oil past my skin – and I don’t want to lose any of it.