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A newly upgraded health diagnostics system at Ti Sana allows to measure all aspects of human health and predict various health conditions

Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa in Italy has upgraded its diagnostics tools having invested in a new piece of equipment, which analyses the person’s whole nervous system and is widely used in top medical clinics.

In combination with existing test methods used, the new tool takes Ti Sana’s approach to health diagnostics to a whole new level. All the diagnostics elements are now combined into an INTEGRATED DIAGNOSTICS PROTOCOL which covers the diagnostics of all the aspects of human’s health.


Thanks to the new addition, Ti Sana now boasts a cutting-edge laboratory for diagnosis, monitoring and management of symptoms and diseases.

The three key parts of the new non-invasive Integrated Diagnostics protocol are:

  • BIA ACC: Clinical analysis of body composition
  • TOMEEX: Tomographic analysis of extracellular bioimpedence
  • PPG Stress Flow: Photoplethismography

The Integrated Diagnostics Protocol lasts 1.30h and includes data interpretation by health experts

The benefits and advantages of Ti Sana Integrated Diagnostics are:

  • Non-invasive method
  • Full body Check-Up, hospital standard
  • Immediate results
  • Harmless equipment, no side effects
  • Instruments registered as medical equipment by the Italian Ministry of Health


The Diagnostics is the most crucial part of Ti Sana’s signature lifestyle management programme Healtheratarian and is offered to guests at the start, in the middle and at the end of the programme, for scienfic-led approach to wellness, in order to customize the program, verify it’s efficacy and measure final results.


Ti Sana’s Integrated Diagnostics helps to obtain scientifically validated health test results measuring any health variations in the body caused by lifestyle choices and/or specific health problems, analysing the autonomic nervous system, immune system and detailed body composition. This makes it possible to identify and quantify any health issues Ti Sana guests are facing, as well as monitor any improvements during their stay precisely and accurately. The level of accuracy can be compared with traditional “gold standard” invasive methods used in hospital laboratories.


Methods used in Ti Sana’s Integrated Diagnostics protocol have been applied during top scientific studies published in leading scientific journals like the Endocrine Journal. These studies show that the methods used at Ti Sana can detect the defining values ​​in the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases, even in the cases where blood tests did not reveal any anomaly. Ti Sana’s protocol is compared with traditional disagnostics systems such as Mineralometria bone density, white blood cell count and other invasive tests. The results suggest that innovative technologies used at Ti Sana allow to obtain fundamental clinical data without blood sampling, in order to distinguish patients with chronic stress, inflammation-related diseases such as metabolic syndrome. For further information please visit