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Healtheatarian at Ti Sana: Spa Science that Works

Ti Sana’s signature Healtheatarian wellness package is a scientific-based, goal-driven, tailor-made programme which offers a measurable approach to achieving specific health results.

The programme is set to help:

  • Lose weight (losing fat mass and not the lean mass)
  • Improve stress related conditions or medically unexplained symptoms such as insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety
  • Offer a lifestyle able to prevent chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, stroke, autoimmune disease), reduce aging, improve the quality of the life through education, cooking classes, and physical activity

It’s a rounded, integrated and evidence-based approach to tackling various health issues, a combination of all the elements that together help achieve the main goal.

Health Tests

The Healtheatarian journey at Ti Sana starts with two non-invasive health tests: BIA and TOMEEX. The test results show a full and complete picture of the guest’s current state of health, including any issues or conditions. The tests clearly show what areas of the guest’s health need special attention in order to resolve the ailment or a disturbance the guest is experiencing.

At the end of the programme all the changes are measured by a second round of BIA and TOMEEX tests to see the results.


Nutrition plays key role in the Healtheatarian programme and includes two options: Juicing and Healtheatarian solid diet. The food plans are alkalizing, planned according to the cortisol cycle, low in sodium, rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre and good carbohydrates. The food is mainly vegan with the exception of egg proteins.


As part of the customized programme, guests receive various health and Spa treatments which are divided according to the most common goals: Slimming, Energizing and Relaxing. All the spa treatments included in the programme help greatly to achieve an overall state of peace and relaxation. Specific Spa treatments also help achieve brighter and softer skin, get rid of toxins and lose weight.


Following the results of initial health tests, guests are recommended certain physical activities depending on the goal. With the right type and amount of physical activity it’s possible to regain the lean mass, rebalance the nervous and immune system and tackle stress-related conditions such as low energy, bad mood, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems etc.


As part of the Healtheatarian programme guests are invited to attend Educational Talks where they can learn about various body components, the stress system, key principles of healthy nutrition and physical activity.

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