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Cleanse, Renew and Restore Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

This unique wellness retreat will bring together the ancient inseparable sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda to leave you feeling cleansed, restored, renewed and most of all deeply connected to yourself. Daily meditation, yoga, Ayurveda treatments, delicious fresh healthy food and plenty of time to simply BE will leave you feeling like brand new on every level.

This retreat is the perfect time to step away from the outside world and take your awareness inwards to find true inner peace, healing and wellness. Learn lifestyle skills, dietary tips and yoga practices that will help transform your life on every level, and that you can take away with you to continue long after the retreat ends.

The Yoga

The yoga will combine vinyasa flow to help awaken your mind, body and soul and deeply relaxing yin yoga class to bring the day to a close and set you up for a deep restful night’s sleep. There will also be meditation classes and talks on the inspiring philosophy of yoga.

Our Home

Our home for the week will be the stunning Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Sri Lanka’s pioneer health resort specializing in Ayurveda. Set on a long strip of beach, with a reef running the length of the resort, forming a natural swimming lagoon this beautiful and elegant resort is built in a way that you can enjoy the feeling of space and light, the sounds of nature and the huge night skies.

The food

The food is an eagerly anticipated part of the day. A wide range of healthy, fresh and delicious food is served for breakfast and at the lunch buffet. Dinner is a set vegetarian meal. The kitchen and dining room work closely together to see that everyone gets the Ayurvedic food that the doctors prescribe, so you can fully embrace and experience the advantages of Ayurvedic food.