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Wellness Hotel and Spa La Clairiere (Alsace, France)

Set in the majestic forests of Alsace, La Clairière is in complete harmony with its surroundings. The natural environment will boost your energy levels, help recharge your batteries and inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Here one can truly feel all the elements of the nature coming together and working their magic on each guest.

La Clairière is an ideal escape to reconnect with nature and your own inner sources of wisdom and inspiration, helping you to adopt a more harmonious lifestyle.

True to its name, La Clairière is nestled in a clearing near the edge of the forest. The contemporary design of the building perfectly complements the peace and tranquillity of the location. Open your bedroom window and inhale the woody fragrance of the forest and the pure mountain air, bursting with oxygen.

La Clairière is a Wellness Hotel and Spa with 50 rooms which offers holistic approach to wellbeing. This is achieved through a combination of holistic treatments, organic cuisine, and the aura of a beautiful forest environment.


The Spa is, quite literally, a window onto the forest. Bathe yourself in the stillness and calm emanating from the trees. Let the vapours from the steam baths clear your airways and stimulate your circulation. Detox your body and relax your mind in the dry, intense heat of the saunas. Enjoy the surrounding beauty swimming outdoors in a heated pool, or take it indoors and do a few energising laps.

Benefit from an array of traditional therapies and relaxation techniques, & Ayurveda treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine, revitalising hydrotherapy and relaxing aromatherapy massage, as well as bio-facials, oxygen inhalation etc.

Group activity classes include yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Nordic Walking and walks through the forest.


Combine the benefits of rejuvenating treatments and activities with nourishing food. La Clairiere offers nutrient-rich, energising cuisine which boosts vitality (and goes perfectly with a glass of organic wine). Besides a tasty selection of vegetarian options, the restaurant serves fish, poultry, lamb and game from the forest.

For special detox and weight loss programs, the restaurant offers appropriate accompanying cuisine, offering creative, energizing dishes, where food becomes your medicine. Vegan option is available. The restaurant holds ECOCERT organic certification.


The surrounding environment plays an active part in delivering guests a unique wellness experience. The beautiful forest creates an aura of peace and tranquillity. Take a walk through the forest and feel your stress releasing and mind going still. Enjoy crisp, fresh air and stunning scenery all around you. La Clairiere is located next to a tiny picturesque mountain village La Petite Pierre, a great place to go for a stroll in the afternoon.

Wellbeing Programmes

The wellness programmes at La Clairière take a holistic approach to one’s health, inspired by traditional healing therapies. The resort’s philosophy is reflected in the series of programmes designed to meet guest’s individual needs and help them achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The initial consultation and bio-impedance analysis with a wellness counsellor determine the components of the each individual programme for the guests.

Pure Relaxation Programme: combines body treatments, the benefits of the forest and holistic activities.

No Stress Programme: devised to help guests transform their daily stress into positive energy.

Detox Programme: designed to purify the organism and bring in the new energy for better physical wellbeing and mental relaxation. Includes personalised nutritional advice.

Weight Balance Programme: This program was designed to help guests find their ideal weight and maintain it. It does not entail a strict diet for quick weight loss but rather learning or re-learning healthy eating habits and a lifestyle more in tune with one’s needs.

Wellbeing through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): A comprehensive tailor-made program aimed to help guests discover the immense benefits of TCM.

La Clairière is a perfect destination for anybody looking to de-stress, detox or simply slow down.

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