Carly Rowena, Personal Trainer (UK)

– What is happiness to you?

Utter contentment, that moment when your feet sink into the sand on holiday, when you dance in the living room with your child, when your day starts without an alarm and the sun lands on your skin. Happiness is the free things, the ones that make the memories that keep you going through the tougher days.

How did you come to your level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

I’m lucky that I came from a very positive household growing up, I can also hold my hands up and say I have been very privileged with the life I’ve experienced, however I, like so many others have had my struggles and attribute a lot of my ability to look for positivity in all situations to the fact that I started therapy about 3 years ago. There’s something about having someone in your life who can help you untangle the mess, challenge your thoughts and understand your weaknesses. 

What do you do to keep up the good spirits in everyday life?

Over the years I feel like I’ve created the perfect daily routine to keep me smiling even when the world seems heavy like at the moment. I limit my time on social media and only logon after ive been awake for at least an hour to give my mind the chance to decide how I want to feel today before the world creeps in. I spend as much time outside as possible (even on the rubbish days) I always move my body, whether that’s a workout, a walk with my dog or dancing in the living room with my daughter. 

How does your work help you to be truly happy?

Hard question because I can’t say everything about my work helps me to be truly happy. I love reaching and engaging with people and I’m so thankful that my career enables me to do that but I hate that it also comes with likes/numbers/trolls and so much more which is why I do so much more ‘work-wise’ that isn’t seen online. Giving back makes me happy and I feel so privileged that I’m able to do so.

Please share your happy thought: 
‘Be happy, not because everything is good but because you can see the good side of everything”