Poppy Jamie, Happynotperfect (UK)

Poppy Jamie is the founder of the mindfulness app Happynotperfect:

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is a feeling of gratitude. That feeling of being truly thankful for the things and people I have in my life.
How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it? 
It’s taken a lot of practice… knowing that hard times are temporary and the only way to move through stress is to keep moving. I have become more aware than ever how sleep, nutrition and exercise are key factors in helping to stay positive regardless of what’s happening around me.
How did you come up with the concept of Happynotperfect App and how does it help people be happier?
Really through a want to share my mum with the world.. she’s a psychotherapist and I just felt that everyone needed someone in their life like her who can help them feeling happy and manage the challenges we all face.
What are your “happy” places in London?
Hyde Park.. I love walking around Hyde park in the mornings with a cup of coffee. Nothing makes me feel happier.
Share your favourite Happy thought.
It costs nothing to be kind to people.