The New Yoga Mat That Will Transform Your Practice

Improve your alignment, deepen your practice and stay more focused on Phantai yoga mat

If you are passionate about yoga and looking to take it to the next level, moving past pure physical experience and exploring the depths of the practice, then Phantai mat is for you.

Combining a range of strong benefits in one product, this yoga mat will be your best friend in any type of yoga you practice, both solo and in a studio, be it Hatha, Hot Yoga, Acro Yoga, Meditation or any other form.

A new kid on the block, the ultra-sticky Phantai yoga mat combines a number of helpful features:

Improves your alignment: No matter if you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, the central line on the mat will guide your movements and keep you balanced during your asana practice

Protects your joints: The 4mm cushioning means you won’t need to fold the mat for extra support

Provides strong grip: The thin polyurethane layer that covers the mat will prevent you from sliding even in your sweatiest practice, during the heatwaves or in the Hot Yoga class

Allows you to open up and fully relax in Savasana: Being longer and wider than a standard yoga mat (185cm x 68cm), Phantai lets you move freely during the practice and keep the feet inside the mat as you relax in Savasana

Helps you stay focused: Beautiful unique mandala decorating the mat helps you focus on the yoga practice, inspires you to go within and fully immerse in the process, staying mindful and practicing with intension. It’s particularly helpful if you practice Vinyasa Yoga or attend a Meditation class providing a point of focus

Eco-friendly: Phantai mats are made with Natural Rubber and Non-toxic materials so it’s great for you as well as the Planet

Phantai yoga mat will deepen your practice and help you reach new levels of flexibility, strength and relaxation.