Go Forest Bathing and Embrace the Healing Qualities of Sylvotherapy in France

‘Sylvotherapy’ is the ancient practice of reconnecting with the potent and healing energy of trees. Having fallen by the wayside in the last few decades it is now re-emerging as a vital healthcare practice in Japan and is making its way to European shores.

Scientifically proven to improve overall health, forest-bathing or Shinrin-Yoku as it’s known in Japan is a therapeutic practice which improves our health in a number of vital ways.

Walking through the forest activates our senses of hearing (singing birds, the howling of the wind), smell (the freshness of the air, the wood fragrance), sight (all the shades of colours, green, brown), and touch (trees, leaves, moss) encouraging presence and leaving us feeling blissed out and relaxed!

Breathing in oxygen-rich air imbued with naturally occurring tree essential oils helps to promote a healthy respiratory and circulatory system and systematically reduces blood pressure and stress levels in the body. The emphasis is not on doing anything but rather absorbing the healing properties of the trees and just ‘being’ in a space which promotes calm and stillness.

La Clairiere Bio & Spa Hotel have designed a variety of wellbeing programs that incorporates this ancient technique as an invitation for guests to reconnect with the elements of nature and offer them this health-enhancing experience:

  • Forest Bubble: This 3 night stay is the ideal taster session and includes a relaxing full body treatment with pin essential oils, 2 Bol d’Air Jacquier revitalising oxygenation sessions (3-5 mins), 1 Nordic walking session or Sylvotherapy group walk, access to the spa which opens onto the forest, daily scheduled activities and delicious organic food. Prices start from only 425 Euro for a double room.
  • Wellness Week in the Forest: This 7 night stay is a dream come true and includes a welcome dinner upon arrival, delicious organic food, access to the spa, daily activities and a 10{35d3525f1c030a1ad48e5d7c137e9475e12a267c00dd63e0fd71f891391fbb40} off on all spa treatments. Prices start from only 1005 Euro per person in a double room.
  • No Stress Forest Program: Created to help guests transform their daily stress into positive energy, this program includes an initial consultation and bio-impedence analysis, daily holistic treatments, 1 Bol d’Air Jacquier revitalising oxygenation session, access to the spa and daily scheduled activities. Price per person per day (excluding accommodation) start at 149 Euro per person (min stay of 3 nights).

For information and bookings please visit http://la-clairiere.com/