Lauren Armes, Welltodo (UK)

Lauren Armes is a Business Coach & Founder of Welltodo

Lauren Armes is a business coach, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She founded Welltodo, a global industry network for the wellness industry, in 2014. As well as coaching some of the industry’s most respected entrepreneurs and influencers, Lauren has also been featured in The Times, Evening Standard, Glamour, Red, Cosmopolitan, Raconteur – and regularly contributes to Women’s Health on entrepreneurship and success mindset.

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is when I feel most aligned to my core values… connection and growth. I love learning and spending time with people who make me feel truly plugged in!

How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

Endless amounts of personal development along with plenty of self-compassion and patience. The journey never ends! I also like to think that it’s ok to not feel positive all the time.

How do you maintain your personal level of peace and happiness with your busy job?

Taking time to constantly evaluate my priorities and refocus – whether that’s through some journalling, a long walk, or reading an inspiring book that helps me put practical strategies in place. I also outsource everything and anything I think that someone else could do better than I could!

Do you think people can be happy no matter what?

As I said, sometimes it makes sense to feel sadness – it is in the dark moments that you truly learn to appreciate and feel deep contrast to the joy and happiness that life can bring at different moments.

Share your favourite Happy thought 

Sitting on a headland overlooking the ocean, the sun shining, listening to some great music, eating delicious food, and surrounded by my family