Join The Delicious Protest!

Growing up in Ukraine, I have always bought my groceries on the markets where fruit and veg come from the farmers’ land and appear in all sorts of shapes, forms, unwashed, unprocessed – but healthy, organic, delicious and full of flavour!

In the UK, every item on the supermarket shelf looks almost too perfect to me, too “unnatural”, – all thanks to the strict rules as to how many inches a banana should be and which side it should curve to make it to the shop shelf. Which results and massive food wastes of perfectly eatable, but may not very “model-looking” groceries.

Trying to avoid food waste is one of the most crucial environmental problems we are facing in the Western society today. Different companies have tried doing it in different ways, with various results. One UK brand which has done this successfully – and much to my taste – is Snact, a “delicious protest” company.

Their hand-made fruit jerky and banana bars are packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit and help the UK tackle food waste. A great snack to take with you wherever you go; a wonderful “pick me up” to boost your energy any time of the day.

A bit on the chewy and tough side, Snact bars are nevertheless delicious; refreshing, zesty and quite filling. And it’s not just the snack itself that’s sustainable – the compostable packaging is the company’s realisation of a long-term ambition to start tackling packaging waste as well as food waste.

Vegan, gluten free, with no added concentrates, additives, or preservatives, made out of simple, good quality fruit ingredients, the range includes fruit jerkies: apple & raspberry; apple, blueberry & banana; apple & mango; as well as banana bars with apple & cinnamon; beetroot & cacao; and carrot & spice.

This delicious start-up has big plans for the future, such as creating employment opportunities for people who suffer from food poverty, – something no one should experience in the modern society.