Chere di Boscio, Eluxe magazine (France)

Chere di Boscio is the editor of Eluxe magazine, a top sustainable luxury fashion and lifestyle publication

What is happiness for you?
Loving friends, being surrounded by nature. Nourishing my body with healthy food, and my mind with meditation.
How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?
To be honest, it was a slow process. First, it started with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude I had one day, many years ago – I just realised how very lucky I was to be alive, to have this rare experience on this planet, and was so appreciative, ‘began to cry tears of joy! After that, it dawned on me that no matter how bad things seemed to get in my life at times, they always worked out. So I began to just trust in the universe, and everything fell into place from there. 
Through your work as a journalist, how do you help people become happier?
I hope that I am disseminating information that helps people make better choices about their health – having a healthy body and mind makes being happy a lot easier!
Can you be happy anywhere?
Happy, no. I don’t think you can walk through a concentration camp whistling a tune and being happy. But when faced with adversity, you can accept the situation for what it is. Accept it, forgive it, and try to find peace in that mindset.
Share your favourite Happy thought
Nature is always perfect, and the universe always provides!