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Deepa Apte, Ayurveda Pura (UK)

Deepa Apte is the founder of Ayurveda Pura and one of the leading Ayurveda practitioners and trainers in the UK

 What is happiness to you? 

I find happiness and a sense of calm and bliss in the very early hours of mornings when the sun is rising and everyone is still asleep. The sense of calm and quiet that comes with this time of the day cannot be explained in words. Based on Ayurveda and Yoga, this is the time when Prana or life energy is highest in the atmosphere, hence the reason why people feel very enthusiastic and positive in life.

How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it? 

I have been quite fortunate that my up-bringing in India through my parents especially my mum and relatives around was such that they instilled in us the gratitude for the life we live. I have been taught that we are fortunate to have this life without many problems or difficulties and we should not take it for granted. Likewise each day is a beginning of a new opportunity so once again, one should take full advantage of it.

In your work as an Ayurveda expert, how do you help people achieve a higher and more stable level of positivity? 

Ayurveda is very closely integrated with Yoga and Yoga believes in in the strength of the mind through meditation, awareness and mindfulness. There is nothing more beautiful than Yoga for the mind. Happiness and stability of the mind comes through focus and discipline on emotions. A simple 10 minute meditation everyday helps to uplift the emotions and brings a sense of calm to the mind. Likewise in Ayurveda with believe we are what we eat. Hence food plays a big role in the sense of wellbeing and happiness. Following foods based on your body type is quite essential to help bring back balance into life.

Do you think people can be happy no matter what? 

Yes I believe happiness is a state of mind. No matter how bad things are, as long as you feel positive within yourself even the most negative situation will appear to be better and positive. Also one has to remember, we live life only once. It’s a one-time opportunity that one will never get back again. Hence making the best of every situation is quite essential for the wellbeing of the mind.

Share your favourite Happy thought 

My favourite happy thoughts go back to my days in India with mum and my sister. Although life was very simple with very few luxuries, the chats, conversation and laughter that we shared are priceless and very close to my heart. And now my most favourite happy thought is my 11 year old son whose mere thoughts put a smile on my face. Even when I may be very busy at work or teaching and travelling he will once in a while send me a message on the phone with funny faces and expressions. I believe happiness comes in small things like this.