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Grace Kelly, City Girl Confidence (Italy, UK, Worldwide)

Grace Kelly is a success coach for entrepreneurs and runs City Girl Confidence.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness for me is that deep sense of wellbeing and peace of mind, it’s that place we access when we’re not lost in thought about other things or ourselves and instead we’re present to the moment.
I think it’s our natural state. Babies are a good example.

How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

I came across an understanding 2 years ago that accelerated my feelings of positivity and wellbeing from the inside out.

Before this I often had to work at being positive, spending a lot of mental energy on reading the right books, using the right affirmations, praying a lot, looking back I can see now that this was very effort-ful and I’d beat myself up when I couldn’t keep up with “positive thinking”, then I came across an understanding that shifted all this for me, this understanding (known as the three principles) was not another methodology or thing to learn to feel better, but rather something that points us back to our true nature.

In looking in this direction I began to see that all the insecure feelings I experienced came from insecure thought.

In just seeing this I remember feeling so relaxed and over time my self-consciousness, something I’d been living with for years, something that had me hold my body tightly and feel nervous around people, began to diminish and I became free.

I achieved what I can only describe as my deepest peace of mind.

For so many years I’d been lost in insecure thoughts about my image and myself and been unaware of this, I thought I was the confident one!

In seeing this it was like switching on a light in a dark room and my body began to relax, a whole new and more confident world opened up for me.

A natural emergence of positive feelings returned and have stayed with me since.

In your coaching work, do you help people come to a higher and more stable level of positivity? If so, how?

Well with that insight around insecurity and in seeing more about that I’m able to help my clients come back home to their innate wellbeing and positivity.

I help them through transformational coaching and pointing them back to their own wisdom and true nature.

I believe this is who we naturally are when we’re not lost in the content of our thinking, especially our insecure thinking.

So many of my clients have content like I did, they get lost in not feeling good enough, wondering how they’re measuring up, feeling self-conscious and doubting themselves, all this clouds the ever constant feeling of positivity that’s available to us just beyond these thoughts.

Can you be happy anywhere?

If you’d asked me this a couple of years ago I’d have said only if you’re having the best in life, like flying first class and living a 5 star life, now I’ve come to see that yes you can be happy anywhere.

I knew my experience of happiness had changed when I decided to move into a house that 2 years earlier I’d rejected convinced I couldn’t be happy there, suddenly my circumstances had so much less grip on me.

I knew my feeling was not going to come from the house; it was going to come from me.

Discovering that our experience of life is not coming from circumstance it’s coming from inside, from our thought, we are free to be in any situation and experience it our way.

We are free to choose.

I still have a preference for the best in life it’s just that I’m now free to enjoy life regardless of what shows up or how it looks.

Share your favourite Happy thought

Happiness is when self-consciousness isn’t.