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Christopher Babayode, (UK)

Christopher is an experienced stewart and the founder of, a consultancy which aims to help frequent flyers make their flying experience as healthy as possible.

What is happiness for you?
A state of being that has a sliding scale ranging from exhilaration all the way down to quiet contentment.

How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?
Through a combination of reflection, spiritual growth and glimpses of the other side of not being happy

How can one maintain good mental and physical health, and stay upbeat with your kind of job?
Motion creates emotion, the key is to move and keep moving while positively reinforcing good physical and mental health deliberately. The biochemistry of good mental health is also the biochemistry of good physical health.

What do you recommend to frequent flyers in terms of how to stay happy?
They should have a happy attitude for its own sake because once you step on a plane there isn’t much they can control, if they don’t, all they do is stress themselves out, not a happy state.

Can you be happy anywhere?
Yes, it is a choice.

Share your favourite Happy thought
It is great to be alive!