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Alan Dolan, Breathing Space (Lanzarote; UK)

Alan Dolan, also known as Breath Guru, is the founder of Breathing Space and breath coach.

What is happiness for you?
Happiness for me is when i Live the truth of who i am, I live from My heart and remember that the way To Change the world is To do My inner work.

How did you come to your level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?
After living with depression for 25 years the thing that turned My world around was Breathwork. My depression cleared in 12 weeks Never To return; And from then on things Just Got better And better. I realised that Where I choose to put My focus To a great extent determines How i Feel about life. By choosing To focus on the positive i Feel like i invite more of those things into My life

What tools and techniques are you using daily to keep happy?
Breathwork ! Daily. The best tool I have. Getting out into nature as much as possible. Reading And watching footage Which Teaches me new things about the world We Live in And How We can optimise Our experience of life.

How exactly do you help people during your sessions?

I show them How To empower themselves. Breathwork is Really the ultimate tool in terms of self empowerment.

How can someone with anxiety or depression become truly happy?
A) recognise It
B) allow It
C) engage with All the associated feelings
D) breathing with those feelings Will Allow them To clear