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A Burst of Goodness

Could there be anything better than a long hot bath and a good all-natural body scrub? For me, that’s the ultimate self-care routine. Especially if the scrub is Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt by Bodhi&Birch.

This new British brand is a unique blend of East & West, bringing together the two different global wellbeing traditions; tried and tested botanicals are carefully combined with advanced cosmetic science to create high-performance skin care formulated without harsh synthetics.
Offering a selection of eco-luxury bath, body and skin care, Bodhi&Birch products help you awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual.

The Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub is a perfect example of this powerful formula. The ingredients list is a burst of goodness: Himalayan Salt Crystals; Rosemary Essential Oil; Geranium Essential Oil; Apricot Kernel Oil; Organic Shea Butter; Grape Seed Oil and Olive Squalane. The benefits each of these key botanicals have for our health are immense.

For example;
– Did you know that Himalayan Salt Crystals contain the full spectrum of 84 minerals a human body needs? No wonder why it’s so potent in its ability to boast healing energy to re-balance the body.
– Rosemary Essential Oil has natural detoxification capabilities boosting the function of liver but also safeguards the body by removing cancerous causing substances.
– Geranium Essential Oil is perfect if you are looking for a good cellulite treatment; it promotes skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and circulation making skin appear more radiant and youthful.
– Grape Seed Oil – A powerful anti-oxidant – 50 times greater than Vitamin E and 20 times greater than Vitamin C! Superb anti-aging benefits too.
– Olive Squalane – A botanical lipid derived from olives, which contains a unique antioxidant protecting skin from free-radical damage.
This scrub is good and healthy I wish I could spread it on toast to absorb all the goodness eating it as well! Obviously I don’t recommend doing that but using it on your skin is just what the doctor ordered.