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A Frozen Purity

A good cuppa of herbal tea can really make my day; it warms me up, it soothes all the stress away, and it tastes and smells delicious too.

Little did I know that whatever I had been drinking so far was not good enough, and that herbal tea could be a lot better than that. The secret? Fresh ingredients, not the dried ones!
“For me, dried herbal teas do not truly capture nature’s flavours and that is why I sought an alternative.” – says Gilly Cowley, the founder of Pure Tisanes.

This revolutionary company offers a brand new way for us all to enjoy our herbal teas.
Rather than packaging dried herbs into a tea bag, Gilly Cowley has taken a step further and decided to use fresh ingredients, snap frozen, to create delicious herbal infusions. This fresh, frozen alternative to a ‘dried’ herbal tea offers a much more potent aroma and a bouquet of flavours than its dried counterparts.

Seeking the latest freezing techniques and sourcing the most suitably designed and visually pleasing tea bags, Gilly has created unique flavour combinations with freshness that lasts: juniper & sage; kaffir & lemon thyme; cucumber & mint and others.

So where does this passion for fresh, finest ingredients come from? It’s simple: Gilly’s mother was a teacher at the world-famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, and all good cooks value the quality of their ingredients, so she has passed on this attitude to her daughter.

Gilly is determined to stay on the path of bringing us pure, fresh products: “If I could find a way to snap freeze precisely measured fruits, herbs and spices, bag them, seal them and deliver them in freezer bags, I could bring the delight of the natural ingredients to a bigger audience.”

I know it’s unusual to keep your tea bags in the freezer but the pure aromatic result is totally worth it!

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