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Perfume, The Natural Type

We all know about the importance of using all-natural, organic product for our beautiful skin routine. But what about perfumes? Is it important to use the natural type?

I will admit that whilst opting for ethical, organic skincare, I have always been using conventional perfume brands. So I’ve decided to try natural fragrances and see the difference.

I came across a wonderful handmade fragrance brand from Netherlands – Hiram Green. This brand creates handcrafted fragrances made exclusively from natural components.

The range currently consists of four eau de parfums. All very different and unique, fit for different moods and events, – far from your usual, standard sweet fragrances.

Arbolé Arbolé: grounding, warm and woody fragrance. Ostensibly simple, yet subtly complex, this is an unashamedly romantic fragrance for those who dare to dream.

Dilettante: this fruity, flower, fresh fragrance is inspired by such simple pleasures as a stroll through a park after a rain, this is an enchanted and light-hearted celebration of summer.

Moon Bloom: a lush and elegant tuberose themed eau de parfum. Tuberose is a tropical night blooming flower known as ‘the mistress of the night’. It has a soft and creamy but powerful and almost narcotic aroma.

Shangri La: named after the fictional land described in James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon, Shangri La evokes a mystical fragrant paradise. Shangri La opens with a sharp burst of citrus, followed by a rich bouquet of peach, jasmine, rose, iris and spices, all anchored by an earthy base of vetiver and oakmoss.

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