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Hakuna Matata For Your Feet

I met Georgie Sandeman on a sunny Friday morning at her lovely home in a quiet leafy Putney neighbourhood. I was invited to a beautiful purpose-built treatment room set up in her back garden, which Georgie has rightfully nicknamed “Hakuna Matata”.

My idea was to get fully relaxed and wind down, so Georgie has taken that into account when doing the treatment. I placed myself in a very comfy armchair, eye mask on, and allowed Georgie to do the magic work on my feet.

Beautiful background piano music added to the relaxing atmosphere; Georgie’s touch was very soft, and felt like she was gently playing the musical instrument as she was moving her fingers alongside my feet, going from one point to another. She was going through different acupressure points, alternating between strong, firm pressure and very gentle, soft touch.

An hour later I woke up from my snooze, feeling totally relaxed. Georgie gave me a little summary of what she had felt during the treatment, pointing out several areas of imbalance in my body which I should look into.

But I felt it even more relaxed when I got home – my entire body felt lighter and more energetic. I’ve managed to accomplish everything I had planned, “gliding” through the day.

Reflexology is a therapy that treats the feet or hands. Reflexologists believe that the foot maps out the whole body and all of its internal organs so that by pressing and manipulating pressure points they can find imbalances with systems and then try to balance them. Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure problems, but it works to help the body reach equilibrium.

Georgie trained in 2011, and has had an interest in reflexology since she was 8 years old. She discovered it whilst on holiday in South Africa, when she had a treatment there. Georgie is also qualified in maternity reflexology, natural facelift massage, scalp massage, reflexology for cancer patients, hand reflexology and hot stone reflexology.

If you are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic foot treatment, there’s no better way for the feet retreat than in Hakuna Matata, in Putney.