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Michaela Olexova, Business of OM (UK)

Michaela Olexova is a yoga teacher, a brand & website designer, photographer and online business strategist.

It’s that moment when you realise you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in your life. Knowing you’re at the right time at the right place – personally, professionally or spiritually.

How did you come to your current level of positivity and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

It’s so funny because only a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend called me from his business trip just to tell me that I’m the most positive person he knows and he likes I don’t really stress about things in life for too long… I think it’s to do with my life’s attitude, trying to approach everything with an open heart and open mind. I’m just way too excited to see what’s behind the next closed door!! Also I’ve learned over and over again that all the bad or negative experiences in my life have always been only new beginnings of something even more amazing!!

What do you think are the key factors to happiness?

It’s the ability to choose your heart over your mind, to be guided by your heart’s wisdom and live your life with a purpose. I know that only then you’ll have no regrets or look back.

People often complain that it’s hard to be happy in a place like London. What are your thoughts on this?

Because happiness is your inner state and has no boundaries, you can be equally happy or unhappy anywhere you are if you choose to be that. When I moved to London 10 years ago, my idea of happiness was to spend all my time in the vibrant heart of London, being inspired by all the vibe and creative energy of the city. Today, it’s the long walks around the river or family picnics in the park that matter to me the most. I think we’re very lucky living in London as there’s so many options and opportunities to treat, pamper or elevate our soul, the big green spaces, gardens and parks naturally being a great advantage.

Share your favourite Happy thought 

I want to share with you my personal mantra: “Dare to live your dreams, one breath at a time” as it reminds me every single day that anything is possible if you keep taking small steps towards what your heart desires.