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Protect Yourself Easy

We all know that electromagnetism is one of the fundamental forces of nature keeping everything in the universe ticking over including our bodies. Every process in your body travels along the nerves in tiny electric pulses.

We also know that we are constantly bombarded by man-made electromagnetic fields from the gadgets we use daily and that these electric fields are harmful. They can disturb our health making us feel stressed or tense.

Harmonee are clever silicone bands which emit a low-level electromagnetic field blocking harmful frequencies. What’s more – it helps bees too! The company invests in beehive pads that let them keep on buzzing in peace.

This clever silicone wristband emits a blocking range of frequencies that counteract the effect of harmful electromagnetic transmissions so that our body’s natural harmony is restored.  The band must be worn on your left wrist as the frequency transmissions from the band have to match both polarities within our bodies.

Live a happier, more balanced life – and bring Harmonee to your world.