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Shreyas’ Brand New Spa Centre Opens in October 2016

We are delighted to announce that Anaha, the new Spa at Shreyas, a top yoga retreat destination in India, is ready to welcome its first guests.

Shreyas announces the opening of a fully renovated and improved Spa. The new, larger Spa will allow the resort to serve the growing requirement from guests for a range of Ayurveda therapies, including Panchakarma.

Anaha, the Spa at Shreyas, covers almost 20,000 sq ft and aims to provide a holistic, rounded Spa and wellness experience to all the guests.

The principal building of the Spa partially submerges into earth with the light and air movement planned from a series of sunken courts. The approach to the main area opens up a plethora of spaces.

The new Spa has four dedicated Ayurveda therapy rooms, all with their individual steam rooms.

The Spa also features four rooms for Swedish massages, two rooms for Mud therapy and Thai massage, a separate Naturopathy section with three rooms for hydrotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture. Each spa room (measuring up to 600 sq ft) is positioned to offer spectacular views of the surroundings, whilst concealing the guests from the outside with local exposed brick jaali works.


A luscious herb garden will provide fresh local ingredients used in the scrubs and masks.


Separate spa facilities for men and women will include steam rooms, and experiential showers.


There will also be a beauty salon for our signature scrubs and facials, as well as manicure pedicure, etc.  Many new scrubs are being introduced in the new Spa. They include:

  1. Neem & Indian basil scrub & mask
  2. Green tea scrub & mask
  3. Hibiscus & oats scrub & mask
  4. Green gram scrub & mask
  5. Traditional Indian scrub & mask
  6. Cucumber & mint scrub & mask
  7. Citrus scrub & mask

For relaxation and leisure, the Spa block will also have beautifully designed lounging spaces, a Jacuzzi, an organic juice bar and a Shreyas boutique for guests to pick up souvenirs, books, Shreyas produce like organic herbs, fresh preserves, cookies, etc.

For health and fitness, the Spa will have a gymnasium and four different areas for yoga sessions – for private sessions as well as group classes. The 2000 sq ft Meditation and Yoga pavilion has large openings to the east, allowing natural sunlight to create a powerful setting for the Yoga sessions at sunrise. The Large Pavilion opens up further to a series of private Yoga and Meditation Spaces offering beautiful varied settings

We look forward to welcoming you to Anaha at Shreyas.