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Pranamat: Your Firm Health Aide

I’ve always liked accupressure and always wanted to try Pranamat  – I’ve seen it in many yoga studios, online and it looked very appealing. So I’ve recently got my hands onto it and have been happily trying and testing it out since.

First off, I like the look of it – it looks like a very stylish piece of decoration in my room. I like the choice of shapes and colours it comes in, and it’s easy to fold and hide away (although I don’t hide mine, it’s right there, easy to reach at any time).

Dozens of mini lotuses cover the linen surface of the mat are very pretty and are made of plastic, hence not as painful as some other materials. Just one layer of clothing was enough for me to feel comfortable. The opposite side of the mat is decorated with a beautiful picture of a big lotus flower.

I have created for myself a daily ritual whereby I lie on the Pranamat for 10-15 min after doing my yoga routine. it has become a great way for me to finish off the practice. It’s a relaxation part for me but I know that the mat keeps working for me, pressing on hundreds of points on my body and creating a better flow of energy.

I like the feeling of the pressure of Pranamat lotuses – it’s firm but not too strong, so you can easily stay on the mat for up to 20 min. I’ve also found an easy way to finish the procedure – as it’s painful to sit up on the mat when lying down on it, what I do is, I slide it off from underneath me slightly raising my body, still lying down, and then sit up.

Not only do I feel the benefits of the Pranamat myself. Whenever someone comes over, they always ask what it is and I proudly let all my friends try it. Everyone loved it so far.

Next step – I’m thinking to use it on my car seat for short journeys. Let’s see if that helps ignore the traffic!