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A Burst in My Bathroom

Many of you must have tried making your own beauty product at home at least once – we often come across various simple recipes in the media and want to bring out our inner alchemist. I remember trying to make some sort of body scrub myself, using only natural ingredients, but I must have done something wrong because it was changing colour and smell very rapidly, and not in the best way. Since then I decided to trust the people who know how to do it well, and I will just make the most of their creations.

My latest discovery is an amazing body coffee scrub by Bean Burst. I’ve had a pleasure to try a peppermint blend which is made of 100{35d3525f1c030a1ad48e5d7c137e9475e12a267c00dd63e0fd71f891391fbb40} natural ingredients: robusta coffee, pink Himalayan salt, extra virgin coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, marula oil and an essential oil of peppermint.

The moment I stepped into the bathroom and opened the package I felt like I was transferred into some magical place filled with tons of grounded, spicy, rich, dense coffee, and light, fresh, zesty, invigorating peppermint oil. It was a real explosion of aromatic sensation.

I found the combination of coffee and peppermint really fantastic. It was an absolute pleasure to put it on my skin and enjoy the benefits of both the scrub and the aromatherapy. There must be a very generous amount of peppermint oil in the product as it nourishes the skin very well whilst coffee does its great job exfoliating the skin.

Having finished scrubbing my body all over I still didn’t want to wash it off – I wanted to stay there and keep inhaling the magical aroma. So I have rinsed my body very quickly in the hope to leave the smell on the skin. And it did stay – I went into my bedroom briefly after the bathroom, then left and came back again in 5 min – the smell had filled the room!

This is one of those scrubs after which you don’t feel like you need to moisturise the skin – it stays nice and soft.

I learned that these scrubs contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that help to produce a brighter, tighter skin tone. It also targets cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, acne and dry skin conditions. I couldn’t have asked for more from my body scrub. Highly recommended!