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Breakfast Monsters: Not Just for the Kids

I’ve always struggled with my breakfast. It’s never been easy for me to find something that’s not too heavy, not too light, tastes good and is healthy. I’ve tried numerous types of porridges, mueslis, granolas, breakfast bars etc. Nothing quite fit the bill – too sweet, too dry, too bland… Admittedly, I’m quite fussy. But that doesn’t mean I was going to give up on my search for perfect brekkie.

I’ve also always loved small, start-up health brands where you know the product will be made with love, of high quality ingredients. So when I came across a new granola brand co-developed by my friend Chantal Di Donato I was very curious and couldn’t wait to give it a go.

For starters I was intrigued by the brand’s name and general look which definitely makes the product stand out. My family size Cacao Crunch by Nuts in Ya Mouth will never get lost in my kitchen among other boxes – the little monster on this fun, bright package is almost alive (would be an amazing game if I had kids – “go find the monster in the kitchen!”).


The cacao crunch consists of simple ingredients: sunflower seeds, coconut, cashew nuts (nuts), raisins, coconut blossom sugar, cacao nibs and cacao powder. No preservatives or anything I wouldn’t recognize. It’s 100{35d3525f1c030a1ad48e5d7c137e9475e12a267c00dd63e0fd71f891391fbb40} organic, vegan and gluten-free with only 8.5g of raw coconut sugar per serving – its sweetness is mostly from raisins and mulberries.

This simple combination turned out to be so delicious that I have nearly finished my entire 450g package in one go. It’s crunchy, naturally sweet & a tad sour thanks to the berries, chocolate-y and not dry at all. It’s a great snack on its own, and works perfectly in combination with nut milks or yoghurts. I am yet to discover all the other different ways in which this delicious product can be consumed: with cream, fresh fruit, as a topping etc.

Not only does it work for me as a breakfast but also as a snack throughout the day.

For now Nuts in Ya Mouth offers various types of flavoured nuts and two types of raw granolas – Coconut Crunch and Cacao Crunch, soon to be launching the Coco Berry Granola, a mix of coconut and freeze dried organic berries.

I’ve learned that the company co-Founder Martyn Brook set up Nuts in Ya Mouth in a search for healthy choices with taste; his battle with cancer played a role in this too. Martin joined forces with Chantal to make a brand that was not just healthy but also fun – they both wanted to create a brand that would be approachable, encouraging as many people to try healthy snacks as possible. They also wanted something that was for kids as well as adults.

Recently they opened their first Nut Roastery in Stratford upon Avon – a flagship store where you can try and buy all of their products.  Worth another trip to Shakespeare’s town!

Nuts in Ya Mouth launched in the UK in November 2015 and is now stocked in the biggest retailers in Denmark and Sweden. In the UK it’s available in some health food stores and cafes such as: Food for Thought, Keys and Kitchen, The Core, CherryPickr. More to come!