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Bloomon, Shine On

I have always liked nice flowers – who doesn’t? But in the past couple of years I have noticed to be loving and adoring them more and more; without having any idea how to look after them, where to grow them, which flowers go for indoors and which ones are for outdoors – I just buy nice flowers and keep them at home, watering them diligently (sometimes too much). I won’t lie – many flowers have died on me, simply because I must have done something wrong in how I was treating them, but that was definitely unintentional. Opting out for a safer option, I now mainly go for bouquets rather than flower pots.

My fiancée says to me: “I feel like we live in a botanical garden” because I always have some sort of vegetation in every room including bathroom. I hope he likes them.

But since I work from home, it’s important to me that my “workplace” is pleasant on the eye, and flowers make brilliant job with it.

I have recently moved home, and whilst it’s a nice place, it does take some time to get used to the new house you live in. Not to mention that an odd box or a suitcase is still lying around, and various little jobs need to be done around the house to make it look really pretty and homey.

To help me ease into the new environment and feel really relaxed here, I have got myself an absolutely beautiful flower bouquet from Bloomon – a flower delivery company I had come across at the last London Wellbeing Festival (I was surprised to see a flower stand in between yoga pants and vegan snacks, so it caught my eye, and I’m really glad it did).

When I checked Bloomon website I found out that the company had been set up by Patrick, Bart and Koen (originally in Amsterdam, then also in London) who had decided to come together to do something different in the flower industry.

What they are trying to do differently is to add a surprising twist to your usual flower delivery whereby their in-house flower artisan designs a different bouquet for you every time. So you won’t know exactly what you will be getting – you just know it will look gorgeous.

I was lucky to have received a magical bouquet in salmon pink, peach and violet colours. A really cute and creative postcard telling the story behind this particular bouquet was attached to the order. Bloomon has also been kind enough to gift me a large vase which was a perfect fit for the bouquet – you know what it’s like when you move home: you can’t find anything, not to mention the vase of the right size.

I have proudly placed my vase on the floor (the vase is large enough for that), just in front of the couch so I can sit, look at it and imagine that the entire world around me is as beautiful, tender, colourful and harmonious as this bouquet. What’s more, I have been witnessing the flowers opening up more and more each day, bringing out more and more of their beauty to the outside. The bouquet was stunning when it had arrived, but after a few days it’s in full bloom filling my new home with warmth and love. Who needs chocolate when you can have some wonderful flowers – and your smile is shining.